L'école de danse de Québec

Our teaching methods

Always willing to improve its programs and its teaching methods, L'École de danse de Québec has significantly updated them over the past few years and retained the following principles : 

  • Put our students at the heart of L'EDQ's considerations, 
  • Make our students understand the importance of finding out the type of artist they want to become and help them achieve that by the time they graduate, 
  • Train multi-skilled dancers who can adapt to the variety of choreographic languages found in contemporary dance thanks to a great physical condition and to experiences with a large variety of choreographers, 
  • Help our students sufficiently know and trust themselves so that they can make relevant propositions to the choreographers they will work with, 
  • Bring our students to understand and appreciate the fundamental connections that exist between knowledge, conscience (link between body and soul) and a safe and secure practice, 
  • Offer challenging, creative and custom-made learning experiences so that our students fully enjoy their training, 
  • Have a mixed team composed of both permanent professors in charge of following each student's evolution and of making sure the basics are covered and numerous guest choreographers in charge of providing the students with authentic learning experiences, 
  • Give our students the tools to better look at, understand and appreciate dance and choreography more generally, 
  • Make sure our students step in the milieu before they graduate.