L'école de danse de Québec

Presentation of "Le Groupe Danse Partout inc."


The Groupe Danse Partout inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to dance since 1976. It is composed of three main divisions : 

  • L’École de danse de Québec.
  • La Rotonde : a show presenter specialized in contemporary dance. 
  • La Maison pour la danse : choreography center providing services that support professional dancers and their development.

Outstanding synergies

Having, within the same group, structures that carry out very complementary activities is unique and greatly benefits L'EDQ's students : 

  • Each year, La Rotonde invites around a dozen nationally and internationally renowned choreographers to Québec in order to showcase their creations. L'EDQ makes the most of their presence in the city by organizing classes with its students, thus enabling them work with a large number of established or promising choreographers. 
  • La Maison pour la danse operates 6 state-of-the-art studios and a conference room (for more theoretical classes) in which L'EDQ's students regularly get taught, thus enabling our students to learn in an outstanding environment. 
  • La Rotonde offers discounted tickets to L'EDQ's students, thus enabling them to see inspiring shows at a reasonable cost. 
  • La Maison pour la danse continuously hosts professional dancers and choreographers, thus enabling L'EDQ's students to be in touch with the milieu very early on and facilitating their integration even before they graduate. 
  • Each season, La Rotonde presents shows from young local choreographers thus increasing the chances of L'EDQ's alumni who are interested in choreography to see their first creations showcased.