L'école de danse de Québec

The Professional program

A Professional program in contemporary dance that shapes your career as a dancer. 

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In Quebec City

Sunday, February 26, 2023

9 a.m. - L'École de danse de Québec

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In France

Saturday, February 4, 2023

9 a.m. - Pont Supérieur de Nantes


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Why L'EDQ?

By joining us, you will get to work with highly qualified professors, guest choreographers, guest artists, to take part in multidisciplinary projects both in Québec and abroad, to experience a multitude of creative processes... L'EDQ's professional training offers you the best! 

Why L'EDQ?

Contemporary dance Québec classes graduate school

Our teaching methods

Our teachers embrace pedagogical methods that are at the forefront of contemporary dance training. Guest teachers and artists are regularly invited to expose students to a variety of creative processes and immerse them in wide-ranging and cutting-edge aesthetics.

Thanks to that, our students become versatile, flexible and will be able to meet all types of choreographic requirements. L’EDQ graduates are recognized, sought after, and active on the regional, national and international stage.

Discover our teaching methods!

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Life in Québec city

Safe, vibrant, human-sized, accessible in terms of housing... Québec city places culture and youth at the heart of its development. Beware, you'll want to settle here for good! 

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Graduates L'École de danse de Québec EDQ

Meet our alumni

They each have their own story and go forward their own way. But they nonetheless all share something : their years at L'EDQ! Let yourself be inspired by our alumni's paths. 

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What's the difference between the DEC and the AEC?

The dance training is exactly the same between the DEC and the AEC.

The main difference is that the DEC involves enrolling at the Cégep de Sainte Foy (not the AEC) which results in more classes. Note that tuition fees also differ. 

Is it the same audition for the DEC, the AEC and the PPMN?

Yes, there is only one audition for all three programs even though you can specify which program you are auditioning for. Note that, depending on how the audition process goes, L'EDQ may offer you a position in a different program than the one you were initially applying for.

Do I need to attend the Cégep's classes if I already have a DEC?

It is possible to enroll at the Cégep without attending the core curriculum classes if you have already taken them. The dance classes represent a sufficient number of hours for you to be considered a full time student. Please get in touch with the Cégep de Sainte Foy for more information. 

Does L'EDQ accept international students?

Yes! Each year, L'EDQ accepts several foreign students. On top of meeting all of our admission requirements, international students must have successfully auditioned (in Québec or in France). Please visit our International students section for more information.  

What is the official language of instruction?

The official language of instruction is French. 

Is auditioning mandatory? Can I audition remotely?

The audition is mandatory for all candidates.

All candidates living more than 500 kms from L'EDQ can send us a video. If, after watching it, we believe you have your chances, we'll let you know. Note that auditioning remains mandatory, be it in Québec or Nantes. 

Does L'EDQ have accommodations available?

No, L'EDQ does not have any accommodations. But you can visit the Cégep de Sainte-Foy's website for practical information on housing.

How will I know if I got in?

For DEC candidates

All candidates whose SRACQ application has been accepted will receive a letter from the Cégep de Sainte-Foy (in mid-April for 1st round candidates and in mid-May for 2nd round candidates). To be officially enrolled, all students must accept both the Cégep's offer AND L'EDQ's offer. 

for AEC and PPMN candidates

All accepted candidates (regardless of whether they've made a SRACQ application or not) will receive an offer from L'EDQ. To accept it and thus be officially enrolled, they must fill out the academic services contract  and pay the registration fees.